Start Living with Authenticity and Presence

Are you ready to live a life where you can embrace your uniqueness? Are you ready to see and accept your "enough-ness" in THIS life season? Are you ready to heal from your past and discover your inner resilience?



WELCOME. I’m Tiffanie.

I help women and men with Counseling services in the Viera / Suntree area of Rockledge Florida.  If you have found yourself seeking “enough-ness” through perfectionism and busyness, working together could help you to create a more authentic life.

Being independent does not mean you are exempt from receiving support.  I strive to create a warm environment, and along with my gentle and playful nature, wish to meet you where ever you are on your life’s journey.

Together we will uncover your strengths as we move towards building resiliency, and accepting the gift of the present moment.  Using Mindfulness-Based and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you will be encouraged to practice and embrace slowing down and becoming intentional in your thoughts and actions.  In processing present day experiences, we will also honor the impact of the past by exploring patterns and habits that have caused you to stumble.  During our time together, we will learn to appreciate the value of self care, and how accepting and meeting our own needs will allows us to give others the best of us, instead of what it left of us.

In choosing a therapist, it is important to select an individual with whom you can be vulnerable and unashamed, who makes you feel seen and heard, and who reminds you that you are enough today and every day.

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