Start Living With Authenticity and Purpose

When courage, curiosity and compassion come together, a new YOU emerges. A self-loving, self-accepting, self-affirming, self-reflective and self-honoring version of YOU. Are you ready to connect with YOU ….

In choosing a therapist, it is important to select an individual with whom you can be vulnerable and unashamed, who makes you feel seen and heard, and who reminds you that you are ENOUGH today and everyday.

Hi! I’m Tiffanie.

I help women and men step out from behind the mask they have been living in and walk with them as they rediscover who they were created to be. I also support couples in tearing down the walls to allow them to experience true connection and intimacy.

Do you struggle with critical self talk, self doubt and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin?

Do you feel emotionally exhausted or emotionally overwhelmed?

Do you struggle with irritability, unforgiveness or quiet resentment in relationships?

Do you use alcohol, food, sex, or work to cope, numb, escape or avoid feelings?

Do you find yourself having the same argument with your partner, where you feel ignored, unheard, and misunderstood?

If so, Counseling Can Help.

If you have found yourself seeking “enough-ness” through perfectionism and busyness, making space to pause and reflect can allow you to shed the beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you. Through reflection and intentionality, you can be empowered to choose how you wish to show up in and walk through this life.

Together we will uncover your strengths as your learn to trust your inner wisdom towards building resiliency and harnessing the power of personal responsibility. As your ally, I strive to create a warm environment, and along with my gentle and playful nature, wish to meet you where ever you are on your life’s journey.

Using Mindfulness-Based and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you will be encouraged to practice and embrace slowing down and becoming intentional in your thoughts and actions. In processing present day experiences, we will also honor the impact of the past by exploring patterns and habits that have caused you to stumble. During our time together, you will learn to appreciate the value of self care and give yourself permission to take as good of care of yourself as you would some one you LOVE. Because when we care for ourselves well, we are better capable of giving those we love the best of us, rather than what is left of us.

Life is hard, and it’s not hard because you’re bad at it. Life is hard, because LIFE IS HARD.

There is a quote that describes ships as safest when in the harbor. However, ships were not built for harbors. Ships were built to traverse the seas, where storms may rage. In therapy, I seek to be your anchor and ally, as you find peace in a world filled with chaos and conflict.